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Kurage [水母] is Japanese for jellyfish (lit. water mother) and is pronounced ku-ra-geh


Welcome to the NIMH MEG Core Facility website. Here you can find information ranging from local operations of the lab, to general topics on the analysis of MEG data, including software available for download.

To see the NIMH IRP Retreat poster, click on the desired format PNG or PPT (~6 MB).

Clicking on the recent changes link here or at the bottom of every page gives you a list of all the recently modified pages. It's an easy way to see what's new on the site. The recent changes are also available as an RSS feed.

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Latest News

  • 26-Oct-2017
The new DSQ-3500 system has been installed. Continuous head localization works again. The new rack is smaller, faster, quieter, draws less power, and this also means we could update the acquisition computer (which is also faster), it is now running modern CentOS (6.9), and pushing data is much faster.
  • 28-Mar-2017
The server was upgraded to Fedora 25. If you notice any issues let us know.
  • 23-Mar-2016
  • 30-Oct-2014
Kurage underwent a major upgrade. New hardware, new IP address, new Fedora, and all the goodies.
  • 6-Oct-2010
There hasn't been a news update recently … but not for lack of activity! We have lots of users, lots of results, and lots of updated software. MEG is cool beans, so come down to the lab and learn about the brain.

You may notice that we have expanded the sidebar to the left, making it more convenient to access some of the documents.

Older news

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