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MEG Pages

MEG Community, General information for the MEG Community, including job listings.

MEG Labs

VSM MedTech, Ltd., in Vancouver, Canada, is the manufacturer of the CTF MEG system.

See also VSM's MEG product pages.

The Neuroimaging Research Group at Aston University The site includes lots of useful and interesting information, as well as tools for analyzing MEG data using SPM.

F.C. Donders Centre Home of the makers of FieldTrip, a sophisticated Matlab package (can also run under Octave) for analyzing MEG data.

Software Resources

AFNI is an essential tool for the analysis of MEG data.

Python is a powerful scripting language, available in most Linux distributions. You should also get the Numpy extension, which allows processing of large arrays of numbers.

FFTW is another essential library used by our lab for the computation of time-frequency plots, and so on.

Pylab / matplotlib, a powerful and easy to use plotting package for Python with a Matlab-like interface.

Octave, a free interpreter of the Matlab language.

Presentation, from Neurobehavioral Systems, is a Windows application used for programming tasks.

Conference Pages

HBM 2002 Sendai, Japan

BIOMAG 2002 Jena, Germany

HBM 2003 New York, USA

HBM 2004 Budapest, Hungary

BIOMAG 2004 Boston, USA

HBM 2005 Toronto, Canada

HBM 2006 Florence, Italy

BIOMAG 2006 Vancouver, Canada

BIOMAG 2008 Sapporo, Japan

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