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Quality Assurance / Process Improvement

Variance / Process Improvement Reports

As a part of the MEG Core Facility's on-going quality assurance and process improvement program the MEG Core Facility has established the Variance / Process Improvement Reporting system Δ. The Variance / Quality Improvement Report is to be utilized for any occurrence or variance in normal operations, policies, procedures and practices involving users, subjects / patients and / or equipment. This form should also be used to make any suggestions or recommendations for improvement. Forms are located in the MEG Core Facility.

Liquid Helium Safety / Material Safety & Data Sheets

Please familiarize yourself with the properties of liquid helium. The Material Safety & Data Sheets Manual which contains information on these substances is located in the MEG lab for users to review. In addition, information on the safe handling of Liquid Helium and Compressed Helium is contained in the MEG Core Facility Policy & Procedures Manual. Although it is unlikely that you would ever encounter any danger from liquid helium while running a study it is important to keep these properties in mind. Such properties include its extremely low temperature when liquid (−279 C), its ability to replace oxygen in the air, and its tendency to expand in an explosive manner when transforming from liquid to gas at room temperature.

If you hear any hissing sounds from inside the MSR leave the MSR and immediately contact the MEG staff. The cryogenic dewar which contains liquid helium is built to ensure that it is adequately sealed so that there are no leaks. It is highly unlikely that you would encounter any problems associated with the use of liquid helium, however, emergency contact number are posted in the MEG lab.

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